Casting Ouch!

The moment we hear the word casting couch our immediate imaginary synonym for it is film industry. Isn’t it? All actors male/ female claim that though fewer people choose to talk about it in public, it does exist. So thanks to these handful courageous stars we now know that there are idiots in this particular industry who choose talents by disgraceful means and have power to break the future of talented artists for saying no to compromise and make the future of a joker by agreeing to it. Sigh!  

Casting is something less talked about for the film industry but what about the majorities with no mention in this regard at all. Are other industries so clean? There is no reference of it ever be it office, social circle, close friends, friends of friend. Aren’t we aware of that one individual who is enjoying a good professional position by being an unofficial keep, work spouse in no more an alien term after all? Or ever over-heard anyone saying that they were asked to meet in cafes or lounges for an interview. Like seriously! White-collar professional job interview in fancy places, why?  

And why only typical “casting couch” it’s also about partial casting director (Boss) Come on we all irrespective of our fields have witnessed situations where less talented or non deserving co-workers are given undue preference, opportunity, promotion/better increment on basis of favoritism or relations.

Alas! Because of these discrimination the enthusiasm and confidence of ambitious youth is murdered and he/she starts working purely for money to fit in society, in place of working for passion and creative satisfaction with good, hard-earned money.

This ugly fact is part of all the industries and cannot be denied. Furthermore you as an individual will never have any control over the occurrence of these situations be it for your friends or be it for you. Working in an organization with diverse people or as a matter of fact hunting for a job and meeting new faces who hold the power to your appointment, there always will be certain things not in your power. But there also will be infinite things in your control, to tell you the truth the power to make a choice; the choice between right and wrong, the choice to be successful, to be self motivated, and to be honest with yourself, to make peace with yourself, to accept your weakness and work hard to overcome it and most important of all to be patient with yourself.

Friends, it may take time for you to achieve your goal and at times a real long time but keep working and never give up and live with dignity. As quoted by Maya Angelou ‘Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it’

So make a wise choice!

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