Gift for life!

I started writing poems when I was 13. Yes, out of every thing on earth despite being an average student one of my hobbies comprises the most dramatic, critical, tricky and much unexpected thing out of me. I even dared to write an article for Mumbai daily ‘The Afternoon’ Then almost from a year I started blogging. I have no clue how wrong or bad my drafts are or are they even engaging enough. Whether people read them or not (though I keep a check on no of views I get on my posts :P) I still write, because it makes me happy, as simple as that!
So far I have never shared anything personal on my blog. But this time I dare to make an exception. Because this story is worth sharing!  

I am born to a well to do family, Paa with honors in physics and mom M.Sc in botany + B.ed. Good education, friends hand picked by paa, studies and grooming personal attention by mom, comfortable life. Though my parents are from the science field I did my graduation in commerce and Jewellery designing simultaneously. The complete sweethearts that they are, they never stop me from doing what I want to do unless I want to go out for a movie or dinners or other fun stuff like every other Indian parent.
As a kid I was super ambitious and I wanted to own the world. I had faith that I will make my parents proud, uncertain of the selfish world outside waiting for me while I live a protective life in my cocoon specially made by paa for all of us. I was taught, do good and good will come to you, always be polite, never lie, be honest, respect all, and help all. But then I grew up. It was time for me to step out of my cocoon and face the real world. The experiences started staining my belief in good, shook my confidence, led to sleepless nights fighting my own thoughts. Despite all this, my list to be thankful for was endless especially to my parents which had my heart & mind battling to figure out apt reasoning. Not until I started having real conversations with paa. That’s when I discovered the real gift my paa has bestowed upon me. The mantra which was whispered to him by his father and made him what he is today, the secret with which he believed his little girl will be ready to face the world. The gift, a piece of advice which did not happen within a day but is a result of many late night conversations, complaints, solutions, anguish, mitigation, arguments, acceptance, surrendering thoughts, listening, questions and answers.

And now when I have understood the fact and cherish it in my day to day life in small victories over situations and feelings, with all my heart and heavenly calm in my mind I say a big thank you to my god, my super hero my Father.
I thank him for not writing my homework essays, my first presentations, my first mails for not giving me ideas on my projects but to make me sit and write the most incorrect paragraphs as it is because of him I can mold my thoughts into sentences efficiently. To force me to think of him as a judge and give the most pathetic presentations, it is because of his scolding and corrections I am appreciated for my talking. To let me dream and shape my imagination into unique projects which I never would have realized I could do.

I can’t thank him enough for building confidence in my little heart which had forgotten to dream. I thank him to make me feel I am something and can be anything I wish to be. For the best gift any parent could give their child is to have self worth & courage to be independent.

I will cherish this beautiful gift all my life and how I wish to pass it on to my children the same way as my paa did to me. My only aim in life is to be my father’s pride.

5 thoughts on “Gift for life!

  1. Wow👌
    Kya baat hai….🤗👏
    Hukum ka ekka nikala hai to express your love and deepest feelings towards uncle ❤


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