Unvoiced confession!

He asked her out and she said no!

How desperately she had waited for this minute since the time they had known each other. Memories of their bump into each other moments are yet as fresh as a bloomed rose of prevailing spring, in her heart.

It all started with a small fight, which became a routine each time they crossed each other’s path. Those silly, intentional, playful, teasing wrangles soon became mandatory rituals.

He was a honey-bunch to every girl, and she vogue in herself. Their pairing seemed perfect to all and how she wished for it to be real. But as she got to know him closely, she realized she was just a victim of his playful love. Yes, he had feelings for her but she was not the only one. A highly dignified lady that she was, it was not acceptable for her. She wept and moaned for days for giving her heart to him. She was broken deep down after all he was the first love of her life. He still dropped hints, she grudgingly overlooked. She tried her best to ignore him, discussed and spent much time with her close friend but nothing seemed to help. It was a sickly sweet feeling. Dolorously, her refusal was just the beginning of her affection for him shaping into a deep-rooted love. She tried hard pretending to be normal and happy, but her heart sorely ached at the sight of him talking with other girls, though it never even closely resembled the way how he used to acknowledge her. Yes, guys had a special approach towards her as she was a diva demanding high respect with every look of her eye.  

He knew he could never get someone like her ever but got carried away with the perks of being young and rich. She often thought to herself, provided I would have given it a chance the magic of my tender yet passionate love would have changed him into a better and loyal man. But it would have been a gamble, for him only a victory of mere desire and for her a matter of life and death. And now ages past that epoch, she still ponders what it would have been like had she said yes!

He always manifested his affection; she strongly held back hers and they both continue to live in perplexity.

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