Visible – Invisible Wounds

Why do we ask people to be strong in hard times?
And what if there is no end to their agony? What if each day is more provocative than the day before? What if each hour enforces confrontation with even deadlier nightmares?

Being strong for some time is the easiest. Being strong from time to time is also easy. But what if an individual has to struggle with every breath to an extent wherein the rhythmic swells in the chest make it as painful as a knife slowly pressing its pointed edge harder & harder in the eyeballs.
If one is born in a well to do family, and has educated parents, is physically fit, educated, working & has friends and fits the society’s idea of a happy life then that person cannot complain about life being unfair to him or her. And if they do, society gets judgmental towards them.
Everyone applauds physically challenged, or kids with single parents or no parents, or financially weak people for their battles; and achievements as small as shelling peas.

This is a good and a much needed gesture. Not that they ask for it or need it but it helps instill faith in humanity in this otherwise cruel world.
There is so much written & said about this society’s idea of sad or challenging life people, who as per them qualify for having a struggling, unfair, difficult life simply because their wounds are visible.

But what about the majority?

People with healthy exterior, good clothes, makeup, branded accessories and most important of all forced smiles but interior as damaged as all organs pierced by a rusted metal bullet.

People living a perfect illusion from dusk till dawn wherein in reality they are emotionally paralyzed, mentally loaded with cancerous thoughts yet physically standing tall like nothing is bothering them.

These heroes survive, eat, work, sleep, breath, wrapped cozily in the nightmares of reality wearing smiles like the devil wears Prada.

These are good doers who when pushed to their limits at times become either depressed or criminal minds not because they willingly choose to. But they find it easy to go against the society rather than fight the cruel norms harder.

Who is to be blamed for converting an innocent being into a fatal animal or mere dead body?

The answer is US.

Why can’t we be more empathetic wherein we all are fighting similar demons? We all want to love truly & to be loved unconditionally. Let’s be kind and save thousands of lives.

2 thoughts on “Visible – Invisible Wounds

  1. Humans are destroying humans that’s the truth
    Your thoughts behind the struggles and problems that comes in the life of an individual is to the point.
    Very well written di.
    Will be waiting for next blog . !

    Liked by 1 person

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