As a kid we all are strong believers of fairy tales. A charming prince comes, rescues the damsel in distress and then they live happily ever after.

We all are told these stories wherein predominantly the society decides that the role of a strong, independent character will be that of a boy and the role of dependent, frail character will be that of a girl. And this exact thought process is imprinted in every child’s mind. As a result girls grow up thinking that all her life problems will be solved or she will lead a happy life only if she marries a prince charming.

Following society’s discriminated blueprint on women’s role, since the time of yore my soul too started searching for the love of my life. And all this while I was hoping that as it’s written in the books since the era of Romanticism, even I will find eternal love, strength, a friend, a confidant in my soul mate.

At the tender age of early teens I waited for him all dolled up in my courtyard, friend’s birthday parties, on the way to school and way back home but he never came.

Then in my late teens I thought now is the time, for the greatest of love stories were written with girls being 18. I searched for him in college, friend circles, social get together, fests but he was never found.

As I stepped in my early twenties, I was confident the universe had special plans for me. I will have an envious combination of a perfect career & a healthy relationship with a corporate professional. I observed everyone around me in meetings, canteen, official tours but he remained unidentified.

During my mid-twenties I was a little heartbroken & deeply disappointed. I met many people throughout this journey but there was no sign of him. And I compelled myself to engage in some productive things.

And now as I enter my thirties, I discovered the untold secret from eternity. My hero was there with me all the time. I was only too blind to notice.

  • Who held my hand when I was scared to walk alone in the dark?
  • Who whispered in my ears to be strong and give it one more try when I was about to give up?
  • Who wiped my tears when I was heartbroken?
  • Who became my confidant when I was struggling with low self-esteem & self-doubts?

And the answer is “I me myself”.

Friends, this is 21st century!

We are not damsels in distress from the 1940’s. We are a badass lady with some serious aspirations.

I no longer look for things I think I ‘might need’. I now go out and conquer what ‘I want’. I am too busy climbing my career ladder. Though at times I feel I am crawling slower than a snail, still I keep moving forward.

In this struggle for success despite all hard work I am often a victim of biased decisions, unfair opinions, un-acknowledgement and ignorance at the work place which conveniently puts me in self-doubt.

But then I retrospect the challenges life had put me through and remind myself of my gorgeous abilities to survive and move on.

And if this doesn’t work and I am completely drained out of my positivity I immediately run to my best friend for some therapeutic talk. A true friend hears you and understands you even when you do not utter a word. I happen to strike gold in this department and my best friend is my strong support system. We are not leaving each other’s side till death does us apart. That’s a different story that we have plans together for after-life as well.

In this huge ball named earth, I aspire to be something. And therefore in between these work & fun moments I manage to steal some time for my guiltless desires, some of which can be termed as hobbies while others purely mandate activities to match up with societal bandwagon.

Today I am wiser, stronger, content and a bit kind on myself but still a work in progress.

To have a sole with inner harmony is a sheer luxury which unfortunately only few are able to achieve though it exists for everyone.

Dear Ladies!!!
I pray that the majesty’s electrical blessings keep pouring on our tube light brains and the volts of our sanity keeps charging increasingly. Please know,
You are enough.
You are complete.
Be kind to yourself. Focus your energies in the right place. Evolve and create some decorated and colorful memories in your life.

And last but not the least “LOVE THYSELF”!!!

16 thoughts on “Love “THYSELF”

  1. Gr8 enlightning thoughts of modern era which are bringing around the needed changes full of positivities !!!
    God bless you !!!
    Anyways…everything is predestined & takes place at right time !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahem ahem, you have groen up girl, and so your understanding, of this world, its schematics.
    Loved this one, a fair comprehension of the society and the world on large.
    Definitely looking forward to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So nicely written Sakshi….It’s a must read for all the little girls around….And it’s high time the girls in the fairy tales takes charge of their lives…Rather than being just damsels in distress.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” kudos girl!!!👌
    You rock!
    Everything is so on point. What a flawless flow of thoughts and words. Very well synchronised. I am so damn proud of you sista. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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