Not too young, Never too old!

Crisis of being in early 30s, And if you are a woman & ambitious & single, congratulations!!! your mess just got ten times more than that of a small snail struggling to climb Mount Everest.

No matter what your achievements are in the outside world, at home you will always be considered as an irresponsible, clumsy, lazy, highly average & overly melodramatic kid in the entire universe. Yes kid. Even though every breath you take your mom will keep reminding you that when she was your age, she had you and was taking care of the entire family. Still mind you still, you are not old enough to step out of your home all by yourself and god forbid if you have to of course for work commitments because trip with friends is purely a fairy tale concept given your family rule book. You can only leave post sharing your flight details, hotel address, a local colleague’s no, details of places where you are going to eat, timeline for returning to hotel room, no of times you are planning to sneeze…Blah blah blah….eerrgghhhhh.

On the contrary once you march out of your house, there is a complete switch over from the Yash Raj to the Ram Gopal Verma world. You have to stand for what you speak and be too calculative in your actions. It’s the society which defines the do’s and the don’ts as per age group for a woman.

Like seriously. We are talking about women, human being and not some antibiotic pill which comes with instructions…..not for infants, 1/4th tablet till age group of 5, ½ for 15 years old, 3/4th for 24 years old, 1 for 25 & above.


Don’t let society define your choice or actions by the number of days you have spent on this dream ball earth. Perhaps, one must choreograph the moves for her future and stop being the puppet of fate or society. This is the golden age. You are young enough to be crazy and old enough to know your limits. It’s high time you start chasing your hobbies. Not for perfection but for experience and golden memories for your older self and may be adventurous stories for your grandchildren.

Now this definitely does not mean that you resign from your current job, go to a random island and start living like a hippie. But rob some time from your daily schedule to discover the artist, musician, athlete, dancer, mathematician etc in you. Mathematician sounds a bit obtuse though. A small confession, despite being an average rather below average student at times in math, I do feel a magnetic pull towards algebraic theorems. But I am purely saving this unsure obsession for my older self.

As of now I am trying my hands on water-color painting. Sharing a few pictures of my work.

Guess not a bad start for an amateur brush holder.

Also I Stole & restored my dad’s old signature guitar.
Post unschooled lessons by self, of course with the help of you tube all I can play is Happy Birthday.

Another thing ticked off my bucket list which had my dad’s eye balls popping out, mom’s heart skipping a beat, friends screaming with excitement and making a lot of heads turn each time I stepped out of my home is me coloring my hair ‘PURPLE’.
Yes you read it right!
I kept this look for just a couple of months as it required very high maintenance.
A few pictures in memory of purple hair! Guess I carried the look pretty gracefully.

To redeem self from the after effects of the above adventure I tried my hands at cooking delicacies for mom & dad.
Sharing drool worthy pictures of my preparation.
Fine!!! Delicacy is a bit of an exaggerated description. But trust me the food was delicious.
As far as the weird presentation is concerned well I promised mom & dad to expect the unexpected from the chef Sakshi and this was my version of it. Guess I successfully earned some brownie points & blurred out the remembrance of the dramatic hair transformation.

Now what tops my to-do list and I have been postponing since almost a year is a serious workout schedule.
We expect others to care for us and on the contrary we ourselves are ignorant towards embracing our self-worth.

So Readers I promise, I will start my workout from today and if possible will share my journey about the same.
Let’s pledge to be our own best friend, to engage in self-development and to take life less seriously.

Be a little selfish irrespective of the age, live your dream and for that one hour of the day be your dream.

PS. It would be an immense pleasure to learn about your self-development stories. Do share your thoughts in the comment section

28 thoughts on “Not too young, Never too old!

  1. Sakshi you are a Strong, Practical, Allrounder, Multitaaking and Optimistic Women.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice post, some areas made me laugh, made me think, we all are sailing in the same boat.

    You are a painter, a creative hair stylist, a chef. And it seems you are a master of all the arts.
    Keep it up, waiting for your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing Sakshi,

    This is something I saw is which was a wow super hidden talent so nicely written and creative…

    U are a Wonder Women ….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow sak! Words are places brilliantly….Just can’t stop reading….Plus the way u have described every situation is like ‘i am living it!’
    All I can say that this a laudable piece of writing! It’s not just because you are my sis…..I honestly feel like I am going with the flow when I read your posts! God bless you! Wish you getting famous someday….Soon!!💐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Diiiii!!!! Thank you for being my constant support and biggest cheer leader.
      I love you ❤️
      (PS I knew only you can relate with the family rule book part aptly as we shared my common rules😜)


  5. Forgot to mention this part…it’s bit funny…but here you go…….Words are stuck like bar one or five satrs caramel….They are still stuck in my mind and heart even though the soft chocolaty part has dissolved .. yummmm…I wanna munch on and on!! Keep on doing great work. You are charismatic and people do feel your power!!

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  6. After going through this well worded lively thoughts of one from upcoming generation, I am reminded of a saying
    “The future belongs to the curious,
    the ones who are not afraid to try it,
    explore it,
    poke at it,
    question it
    turn it inside out.”
    Yes, concentration on studies happens to be the focus of almost every parent especially Indian parent but here I agree & believe that there are hidden talents in every child & this approach can truly help developing over all personality of all individuals specifically girls !!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Wow👌
        Kya baat hai….🤗👏
        Hukum ka ekka nikala hai to express your love and deepest feelings towards uncle ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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