HUMAN – The insatiable breed

As kids in school we all had mandatory subjects which we had to study by hook or by crook. One of those subjects, strangely motivating and engaging is History. I am sure while studying the human evolution chapters from Apes to Homo sapiens to our present selves we have been in complete awe and admiration of our ancestors who invented tools, fire, agriculture, wheel etc. And at the same time wondered if we would have been able to think of these ubiquitous ideas or survive in such mayhem.

Then the chapters of human kind smitten by the need and greed for power economies came up. And with these chapters a small hidden leader, detective, lawyer all at once was born in our heart who studied each case with ifs, buts and whys. Perhaps by this age we were sane enough to understand the difference between the ‘wrong’ and the ‘right’. And by the time we completed studying World war -1 and its devastating consequences (young us mentally working out how we could have avoided the war) we were all confident that no living being on earth will be imbecile enough to repeat the heinous saga. But soon in the next few chapters our myth was exponentially broken. In the battle of necessity and voracity, voracity won again only with a bigger and heart hammering outcome this time.

They say with bigger power comes bigger responsibility. Sigh! It was not written in the era when atomic bombs were being conceived in the name of birth of life changing inventions. Despite fair knowledge of this latest creation the incurable wound was given to mankind by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You all will agree irrespective of caste, creed- race and country human evolution has been the same for all. We learnt to satiate our basic needs for food, cloth and shelter in small tribes across the globe simultaneously. Even in that epoch humans were rational enough to care for their cattle. But during World war-2 these fundamentals for fellow human beings were not only ignored but brutally stabbed by two edged sword of homicide and genocide.

If saying “once bitten twice shy” is to be believed then we are already bitten twice. Post analysis of what we studied at the tender age we were sure that mankind even in the wildest dreams will not reiterate even 0.01% of any war chapters of History.

Alas! The penchant for power took over humanity once again.

  • Is Xi Jingping the next Hitler in making?
  • Is Corona virus a Chinese Bio weapon or an accident?
  • Is this hunger to position self as the single greatest superpower hinting the worse (WW-3)?
  • Mustn’t the countries suspected to have weapons-producing labs stop at once?
  • Shouldn’t these spine chilling conspiracies resulting in an ailing world economy be put to halt here & now?
  • Such treacheries will result in the outbreak sweeping across continents. Can we as common men, together RIGHT THE WRONG?

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

Digital art credit – Harshmi Shah

Do check her amazing work on instagram – link below.

6 thoughts on “HUMAN – The insatiable breed

  1. Great Post!! Once again smart blogger Sakshi Sharma has come up with several doses of reality 🙂👍

    Good list of questions that do makes us to think on..
    World is indeed facing humanity’s biggest crisis since World War II. Almost every country has been affected by the devastating Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). And if we common man stand together then definitely we can shape a totally different world.

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    1. As always I completely agree with you. Who else if not you, can set the best example of “United we stand & divided we fall”.
      People like you make world a better place to live in.


  2. Great Post, you made me think a whole of the connecting link of how we evolved and how things are turning…..Let Covid be one of our strongest lesson and reason to enhance ourselves for making a better place.

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  3. Di. Awesome article and great art work. !! The chapters of history of the future generations would be moulded into the sweets made of lies but the truth is in present and we are living that history. This is a ww3 no doubt in that. China without firing a single gunshot killed thousands of people around the world and still roaming free spreading the lies. .
    Brilliant thought process di. !! Will be waiting for the next one !!

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