Commit. Command. Change!

I often ponder how I can better myself? Surprisingly I even know the answer but unfortunately the devil may care attitude takes over and I end up wasting the most precious and fleeting time of my life.

Recently during quarantine’2020 I wasted around 2 precious months of my life. I was swamped with office work and Zoom meetings analyzing apt business strategy for the post COVID-19 scenario especially in my area of my expertise – Precious Jewelry Merchandise. But to be truthful with myself I know I could have managed some time for workout, perhaps some random extra-curricular activities like dancing, painting, trying my hand on singing, could have cooked at least one meal for mom & dad. Even so, I did not do any of this. My quarantine monotonous routine was to wake up, eat, work, eat again, sleep & repeat with infinite supply of adrak wali chai throughout the day.

We humans often yearn for ‘Messiah’ to rescue us. Recuse from evil, greed, disease, poverty and our so called nightmares. It has become a normal human tendency for us to beg and expect others to mitigate our anguish as well as tender to our needs. We seem to have completely forgotten the well-known fact from the Universe

“God helps those who help themselves”.

Haven’t we all come across one such person who aspires to travel the world but puts the baggage of his desire on God? Isn’t it an achievable wish? One just needs to plan expenses and savings. Basis the earning capacity within a few months or couple of years, else post retirement one will be able to tick the same off the bucket list. Sooner or later hard work is bound to reap.

Once I was struck by the wisdom of hard work post retrospection of my failure and success experiences, I decided to change my perspective towards life in general.
One part of my prayer is dedicated to some weird request. And I will be humbled to share the same with my valued readers with a hope that this innocent talk between me and God will not be judged.

Dear Almighty,

Hope you are doing well! (Of course you are… who can dare to mess with you).

Deepest gratitude for all the good things granted to me resulting in beautiful memories which I will cherish lifelong also a not so heartfelt thank you for all the bad things which I am circumstantially forced to experience. I am conscious of the fact that these life lessons will eventually guide me to the path of wisdom. But I genuinely believe you could have been a little lenient (hands joined with frowned brows & tightly closed eyes – an expression of putting this request in inverted commas, bold & underline for Deity).

Oh creator! May I make a wish? (Of course I can! Why do I always have to be so melodramatic?).
Please…please…please for heaven and hell’s sake make me a bit more ACTIVE!
Yes! Out of all pleasures and luxuries in this heavenly universe, I want to experience the nauseating feeling of bustling, being on my toes and sleeplessness; balance I will manage (by your grace of course…Godddd!!!). I see no reason for you to reject or rather ignore this Nobel request (Wink! with a pretty girl innocent smile).

I am obliged to learn so much about myself not only good but bad as well and am determined to change for better. Grant me serenity to be able to face each challenge with grace and sanity because like all your followers I too aspire to be a flag bearer of right. I believe it will be one grueling task but I am optimistic that I will enjoy and encash the phase of check and mate.

Warmest regards. Please keep pouring your choicest blessings upon me and my loved ones. And please do something about the Corona vaccine. Ok bye! Have a super duper day ahead!

Dear readers!

Let us stop waiting for the ‘right time’ and take charge of our ambitions, emotions, desires and march towards achieving the same proudly, fearlessly and passionately.

Find solace in being alone but simultaneously practice exchange of thoughts with others.
I strongly feel we must experience the awkwardness. We must be part of something where we think, we do not belong for that is where we will discover new things about ourselves.

Honestly I myself am a part time introvert and hesitate and try every possible thing to avoid socializing (yup part time sounds weird. But this is one the most honest revelations I have ever confirmed about me). Each time willingly or unwillingly whenever I conversed with a stranger something beautiful & rare sprouted in me. That sprout has always been random, anything from spiritual, psychological, mythological, scientific, Gothic, funny, romantic…

Since we are an introvert the journey might not excite us but the final destination i.e. learning something new will be beyond fulfilling. And sooner or later we will realize that even the journey i.e. the communication also adds to the unique experience and bonus we might earn a new friend in the process. Self-discovery will surprise us in many ways. It will help us reevaluate our preconceived notions about self, inspiring us to come out of our shell.

So hustle, grow, fail, cry, learn, recover, laugh, love but never stop. Let us take charge of ourselves and chase our dreams!

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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