Dear readers before you pass any judgement on the topic I choose to write about today, please re-read my blog’s name “CURIOUSNARRATOR”. I am curious about everything and can’t sit in peace until I have answers for anything and everything that comes in my mind.
But it took me numerous sleepless nights, countless panic attacks, overthinking to a level that I set my own Guinness world record, reckless mood swings and unlimited crying without any prior intimation especially in public places only to realize that yes, everything happens for a reason but ‘never pause your today for reasoning with yesterday’.

Seriously! I would cry each time I am by myself, in the cab, in the shower, in my room, I would randomly wake up in the middle of the night, cry and go back to sleep. I don’t get an ice-cream – I cry, get an ice-cream – I cry, someone asks me how am I doing – I cry, someone ignores my existence – I cry, I would spot a stray dog as I peep out of the window while travelling for work – I would cry, Crying for no specific reason has been my routine for months.

And after all this I conclude one thing “you will never have answers for everything”.

Some of you despite being top performers must have been fired from your jobs without authentic reason, proper explanation or prior intimation. Many of you must be going through heartbreak as your partner broke up with you without appropriate reasoning. And so many of you must have lost your friends to some silly misunderstandings and the worst part is that they absolutely do not wish to discuss the issue even after 1000 pleads from you.

So, what now?

Mourn till earth stops revolving?

Or instead, let’s make two action plans to deal with these awful situations and then choose the one which suits you the best.

Plan A – The predictable one

Cry, cry & cry. Isolate yourself. Be rude to anyone & everyone trying to be nice to you and then cry again for hours. Drink 24*7. Dress like a retard, let people see how affected you are and give them all the perfect reasons to gossip. Be gloomy, absolutely do not focus on anything (Future…what the hell does that word mean). Cry. Most important of all, throw things, delete pictures & chats. Now Cry again. Consume all possible forms of calories your pocket allows. Waste a few months causing permanent damage by giving importance to some temporary episode of your life. And of course – continue crying and being cranky.

Plan B – The miracle one

Day 1– Get angry.
Day 2– Ask for valid answers when you don’t get any cry. Order your favorite food with your favorite drink cry, scream, cry and sleep.
Day 3 – Call your favorite person and if he or she is responsible for your mood in that case call your second favorite person. Discuss and vent it all out. Important tip – at this stage do not expect this person to give you the perfect advice or your next plan of action instead just be thankful that you have someone to talk with.
Day 4 (morning) – Get up and wear one of your expensive dresses to work and don’t forget makeup or accessories like belts, cuff-links in case of men. Focus on work. And just when you think you are done with one of your major tasks for the day take a small break at this very moment and thank dear lord for all the good things you own or have experienced in last few days (example – a job, good clothes, great personality, your talent, friends, good health, enough money to pamper yourself with good food, shelter). Hey!!!! You have been thinking for too long, better get back to work now. By the way I am really happy to see that you have so many things to be thankful for. Now smile.
Day 4 (evening) – Spoil yourself with some shopping after work. Since at this point you do not care about future it is the right time to dare and buy some expensive dress, bag, accessory, make-up, footwear etc.… you have been eyeing from so long. Go home, retrospect, thank god for a good day, thing about that toxic episode once again, shed a couple of tears but just a couple then pull yourself together watch some movie or read a good book or may be some blog called “CURIOUSNARRATOR” (her writing is compelling) and have a good night sleep.
Day 5 – Face the people who hurt you. Walk past them without changing a micro expression on your face. If you succeed in doing this then run to the washroom as fast as you can and perform your weird victory dance with all the energy you have. Enough! Control your happiness and step out of the loo or people will think you are suffering from diarrhea.

The survivors that we are ‘Plan’ B is our obvious choice.

This my friend will be your first step towards the journey of not only self-healing but also self-loving.

Soak in every bit of this eureka moment. Focus all your energies in synchronizing your present and creating your future. Carry only two things from your past i.e., good memories and good lessons.
Be rest assured monk, priest, rich, poor, young, old, no one knows it all. Please do not; not enjoy your life trying to figure out all the answers until of course you are solving a criminal case. In this scenario, please leave no stone unturned to find the truth. Otherwise, please RELAX!

Stop replaying the mishap episode in your head, stop visualizing the same situation with different scenarios and most important of all stop reasoning with unreasonable people.

Pause! Try to see a bigger picture.

First and foremost, find something to do outside your routine work. From this very moment take charge of your life, happiness and peace of mind.

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

24 thoughts on “STOP SEEKING ANSWERS!

  1. What a bright outlook you have provided!! 👌
    Am sure the readers will be blown away with your notions. The dramatic details of our day to day lives is the focal point which captures my interest 👌 Commendable!!💐 Love you sis!

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  2. I have my personal “rules” derived from experience and the words of others.
    Underlying most of our sadness, self-doubt, anger, etc. is fear. Rule 3: the only thing you can control is your own attitude; choose to be positive. Rule 4: worry does not solve tomorrow’s problems, it only steals today’s peace of mind; chose to replace fear with curiosity. Rule 6: Choose just to be better; reject the need for approval; reject the desire to be superior; reject the desire to be right.

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  3. I enjoy your blog and I am pleased to meet you in the Blogger Universe…I am an over thinker too and I recently learned that the only one I can control is me not the anything or anyone else which is very liberating and freeing…I too have spent many sleepless nights which is usually when I write on my blog…Keep writing CuriousNarrator…I like the name of your blog it is neat…Enjoy your unique Journey of Eternity and Namaste means I bow to the divine in you…

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    1. Big thank you for your kind words. Only people who has gone through something really intense and have survived it can relate with the soul of the this post. And your comments confirms that you are a warrior for a woman. More power to you.
      And Namaste 🙏🏻

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  4. I like your perspective and examples. Some things do become more clear with time, but you’re right that we “… will never have answers for everything”. Enjoy today!

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  5. What a thought provoking writing! You’ve had my mind dancing, but not through the tulips… rather into the garden of yester-years. Yes, momentarily we must accept the fact there aren’t answers and not allow ourselves to fret or try to figure out what they are on our own. However, I do believe we will find many of them in due time through intimacy with the One Who is in us…. the One Who said that it’s by knowing the truth we’ll be set free… sounds like answers to me.

    I picture a heart that has damned up tears in it… perhaps a picture of all our hearts. Because the spirit of the law of life is continually working to set us free, I believe understanding bringing healing with it comes in due time to those who seek the kingdom of God (peace, joy and righteousness.)

    Because of your writing, something was brought to my mind I hadn’t known before, so thank you and bless you for being real and for stirring up a dance in my mind.
    ❤️A Dancing Seeker in a Wheelchair

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    1. Wow! How does one respond to such an amazing, heartfelt, full of zeal, love & passion for life, comment…
      Mam, I am so humbled by your generous words. And simultaneously, I am on top of the moon to learn that this tiny little effort of connecting with like minded souls and uplifting each other through write ups is serving the purpose. It has definitely stirred up a dance in my heart. A dance of joy, contentment, passion & purpose…
      Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.
      Warm regards!

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      1. “Wow!” back to you. I’m doing a happy “two” step in my dance because of your comment. Thank you so much.
        Thought I would share that on the night I wrote you, a friend was given a word from the Lord for me. This is the first and only word He had ever given to her concerning me and it was “Jesus is the answer!” How simple, eh? He’s everything we need and will reveal what we need to know when it’s the right time.
        His eye is on the sparrow, eh? and it seems His eye is on you and me, Curious Narrator.
        May we both keep being curious and finding Jesus as our answer.
        Blessings and love,


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