Price Tag

Barring a philosophical aspect, we all will agree that nothing in life is free. There is a price attached to everything we own or wish to own. Same is the law of the universe, pay the price and own whatever you desire for. Besides the price need not be in monetary form. One can barter their dearest possession and be the master of his/her destiny. In order to be able to do that we will have to let go of our supposed dear possessions like, lethargy, being ignorant towards our responsibilities, negligence, sitting idle and staring at wall for hours, indulging in cheat meals 24*7, we legit need stop behaving like we suffer from hypersomnia during weekends and be little productive. To conclude we must stop making excuses instead of executing.

The Majority of us must have grown with that one topper friend who unknowingly ruined nearly all our family get together experiences and technically our childhood by always scoring the highest marks. Deep down we all knew we were the best but no one believed in us simply because we were never chosen to be a prefect or monitor of the class wherein that friend of ours was head girl/boy or house captain of the school. Pause for a moment and in retrospection think what could have been the turning point for the majority like us? Yes! Being diligently obedient towards that imaginary time table we always made right before sleeping exactly a month before exam and the subsequent day but never followed. Our friend was not necessarily smarter for scoring more than us but was highly disciplined and determined to do what was needed for their then goal.

Today many of us are well settled professionally and may even are earning more than those topper friends or are comparatively doing a stupendous job at being a homemaker. Which proves the point that (A) – we were right about believing in us during our childhood despite the tides were against us and (B) – if we do put in hard work combined with dedication in anything, success is bound to follow. There is no magic pill to transform our desires into reality. We will have to earn it by working towards it.

Dear humans for once, let’s go beyond daydreaming and work towards what we truly aspire the most. Unnn unnn unnnnn…. I am not steering all of us towards making resolutions for 2021 instead am humbly proposing to aim at being a little more disciplined in life.

We can be whatever we want and own anything we desire if we are willing to pay the right price for the respective goal. As famously quoted by LeBron James “Nothing is given. Everything is earned”.

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

19 thoughts on “Price Tag

  1. I agree with you ! Most of our class toppers are not even earning well these days. You are absolutely right ….Nothing is given, everything is earned. Even there are so many famous people in our history who weren’t the toppers but made it great and remarkable through their deeds calibre and efforts. I guess the never give up motto must be held up above despite of all the obstacles! Yes yes you are not motivating or steering us towards setting goals for 2021 but still this good read is enough spark to Chuck away bad habits and grab the good and beneficial ones!

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