New Beginnings!

Is it ever too late for anything?

  • For that extra-curricular class, you always wanted to enroll?
  • To commence that business startup, you had been planning?
  • To design a social media page to showcase your passion?
  • To apologize to people who matter the most to you?
  • To finally book that spa appointment you had been postponing because of work schedule?
  • Going to a friend’s place uninvited to surprise them and show how much you care?
  • To cook a small meal for parents and spend some quality time together?
  • To confess your love to that someone special?
  • To plan a vacation with your loved ones?
  • To try something new no matter how generic that wish or desire is?
  • Detaching yourself from the toxic people, no matter how close they were to you once upon a time?
  • To forgive someone?
  • To indulge in self-love?
  • To marry your love even though you are a senior citizen now?
  • To finally start believing in yourself?

Dear readers!
We do not always have to be practical and pragmatic.
Please know sometimes the opportunity is not given to us but has to be created by us through our zeal, passion and determination. But the brutal truth is, we do not want to barter our comfort zone. Majority of us are either too lazy or too afraid of taking the risks and more so of failing. Let go of the fear.
We need to value our vision, respect the time and be willing to take that leap of faith towards whatever it is that blazes fire of enthusiasm in our souls and sparkle of contentment in our eyes.
Because it never really is too late but if we do not HURRY then it definitely will be.

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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