Acknowledgement is the act of showing that you have seen or noticed somebody or something. This word is majorly used to recognize the positive characteristic in general.

Now that you know what acknowledgement is, do you think it has anything to do with Gender, Religion, Cast, Status, Nationality, Appearance?

Now don’t be a hypocrite and silently answer no, not at all in your mind. It does. We all, including myself, are guilty of choosing or doing certain things purely because it endorses our ideology of how specific state of affairs must be or because they contribute to our goals; be it personal or professional.

Despite knowing that what we are doing is not 100% right, still we tend to continue with our idea of perfection simply to ensure that our way of thought is not hindered. Our sole goal at times is not that the end result must be achieved ethically or empathetically but we derive immense pleasure by remote controlling the whole process which needs correction.

So, what if we are being slightly… just slightly partial. I mean come on… we are not murdering anyone, robbing anything, assaulting anyone etc.… Just because it is not considered a punishable offence, we absolutely get a license to say my way or highway.

Example : During a family together all uncles, aunts, older siblings, family friends end up having most of the conversation with the cuter, prettier, smarter and more accomplished child than the other kids of the similar age group.
Now at the age of 5, what does that child have which is superior to the rest of the kids? Nothing. The kid was just born with that cuteness and extrovert attitude. And this simple thing must not affect the fair distribution of love, care, attention and acknowledgement handed out to each child by parents, relatives, teachers etc.…

Same can be witnessed in professional scenarios as well. Reasonable partiality is the real thing after all.

  • So what if our actions demotivate someone?
  • So what if our actions force someone into depression?
  • So what if someone has been spending sleepless nights crying their heart out?
  • So what if our actions put self-doubt in someone?
  • So what if because of us someone quits being passionate about life in general?
  • So what if someone does not achieve their goal in life because of our selfish approach?
  • So what if our actions lead to stress, anxiety and even suicide of an innocent?

What we want must be achieved at any cost. Our outlook, our comfort must be fulfilled. Big dreams require a few sacrifices. We sacrifice a lot for our dream and exactly this reason gives us rights to dictate the sacrifice of others so that our goals can be achieved. We want to be a real-life director controlling the behavior, achievement, failure of everyone and anyone even remotely related to our objective.

Forget about prioritizing ourselves. We as human species have now even started to manipulate the roadmap to final destination by eliminating or limiting certain people just because it satiates our OCD of being a control freak or quenches our inner peace.

A simple acknowledgement, an honest appreciation, an empathetic pat, a genuine respect can ease and uplift any soul on earth. And we all precisely know it. Then why don’t we have kind and heartfelt conversations with each other and make this world a better place to live in?

‘Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly.’ Famously quoted by Anthony Jay Robbins-

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

9 thoughts on “Acknowledgement

    1. I am so pleased that the desired message has been rightly conveyed through this post.
Majority of us are victims of not being acknowledged but seldom do we realize that we subconsciously are doing the same. And the example in the draft best explains it.
Thank you for your comment 😊


  1. It’s awesomely wrote and thoughtfully sequencialized , it’s a very much fact of recent surroundings…
    So nice of you that, u picked up the right and unnoticed topic….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha absolutely!
      And I am glad that we both know and understand that acknowledgement is a two way street.
      So matter how much we want to point fingers at others… we need to simultaneously sanitize our actions as well😃


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