The Good!

Irony is that the majority of the human species are “Hypocrites” and practice “Do as I say, not as I do” approach.


Well, I can prove it?

Few politicians in power use their influence to cover up all the traces of their corruption. Among their close-knit circle they would always say that this is a cycle of life. Powerful have to suppress the poor to be in power. People are going to die anyway so a little bit of drug dealing, murder or extortion etc. won’t make a big difference. But they will always detest such things in public. Why?

Some parents would hit their children at home over the smallest mistake, will constantly compare them with other kids, will not allow kids to do anything as per their interest, talk in abusive language, causing a permanent dent on the poor child’s morale and confidence. But in public will always talk about good parenting skills, being kind, understanding, patient and flexible towards the kids. Why?

An individual in a committed relationship cheating on their partner will always do so by keeping their partner in the dark. Among their circle they will always boast about the number of relationships they have had or are having simultaneously. But they will never accept that they are cheating publicly or in front of their respective partners. Why?

Few employers irrespective of the industry heir or promote people by unethical means, would practice and support favoritism over talent, potential, honesty and hard work. When confronted they will ask employees either to compromise and earn what they deserve or go back and continue with their work. But in their speeches, business meetings will always boast about ethical work practices and professionalism. Why?

If there is nothing wrong in above practices then why do these people want to wear a mask of being good to hide their hideous practices and thought processes?

You see, to be able to carry on with their life efficiently, these bad guys have to disguise themselves as good guys, so that other bad guys or good guys or somewhere in between i.e., ignorant guys can be fooled by their goodness and fall for their trap. Because the world blindly trusts “the good”.

Can you guess why?


“The good” comforts all. “The good” is known to be caring, empathetic and selfless. The good acknowledges, empowers, supports all. “The good” maintains peace, foresees the pros and cons of all actions so that innocents do not unnecessarily have to suffer and if “the good” rebels, then it is always for the greater cause which might benefit all. “The good” is always inclusive in nature. It is never partial.

“The good” is the most supreme, divine, expression in the world which has been conquering over evil since the times of yore. Be it the Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible, Quran you will see that despite all the odds, it is the great almighty, true to his name, someone with good karma who has always been righteously victorious.
How can we think of stopping being good in general or to someone specific when it’s the most precious quality that we possess? Being good is the purest quality so much so that even the evil or the bad like a parasite survive off it.

The good is the only legitimacy humanity is surviving and the only hope that it will continue to do so.

Being called a good human is an honor. Value it and practice it.

7 thoughts on “The Good!

  1. Nicely pointed out the hypocrisy of people, not only of those in power but ordinary people. And yes, ‘good’ is comforting that’s the reason we go on believing in that, often ignoring the knowledge that it’s not true.

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