No More Apologies

Hello HAPPINESS, my distant friend,
I can’t handle long distance relationship any more,
My soul is craving for more than your tender voice, which you pretend,
I have fantasized about intimacy with you since the beginning of yore.

Some say you are the light; some say you are an illusion,
I beg you to hint and clear the confusion,
Well, I believe you have sent many disguised as you,
Some in the form of friends & some in family too.

Each time I could unveil the satin in them,
It sort of has now become a trend,
For some it took mere minutes, for some a lifetime,
Believe me my heart broke a little each time I thought of those strangers as mine.

Forcing me to bow down, imposing faith and demanding gratification as a weapon,
Eyes so red, it could be confused with the burning rays of rising sun,
Oh, silly heart, look what have you gotten us into,
I demand aloof me from all the forms of affection,

Do not mask your anguish by being too civil with people’s ailing ideologies,
All the sinners must be faced with the Yama (deity of death) in me.
Unburden, do not cage your demons,
It’s time to get even, NO MORE APOLOGIES!

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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