Stop crying and listen carefully O dear heart,
Breaking into a million pieces is part of your fate,

The suffocation of eternal agony happens to million,
Unlike you no one causes drama and exaggerates,

Like a fool who trusts anyone, you would believe me too as usual,
But I will prove it with an example to set the things straight,

Like a mother, an eggshell care for an embryo,
The deeds it does to protect & raise the embryo, it never calculates,

The same embryo once grown into a strong baby bird,
Breaks the eggshell and detaches from it without any hesitate,

This is not it,
I will give more examples to further elaborate,

A child dearly fills coins & whispers his bucket list to the new clay piggy bank he got,
With love, trust & promises, the child’s friendship with piggy bank is laced,

The piggy bank over bears the weight of coins for the dreams of his friend,
The child breaks it at once to fulfill his wish list and celebrates,

Family is meant to be judgmental, Lover to be unfaithful,
Friend to betray & society to complicate,

So next time if a friend, family, lover, or life in general, does bad to you,
Don’t amplify, magnify, or blame anyone, just shed some tears & quietly tolerate,

Because to break into a million pieces O dear heart,
Is your fate!

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

Tell me how you console your heart?

4 thoughts on “Fate

  1. I woul say u write so well, bcoz u think so well…

    U think so well, bcoz u connect so well…

    U connect so well, bcoz u have soul which care for the people you love….


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