Not too young, Never too old!

Crisis of being in early 30s, And if you are a woman & ambitious & single, congratulations!!! your mess just got ten times more than that of a small snail struggling to climb Mount Everest. No matter what your achievements are in the outside world, at home you will always be considered as an irresponsible,Continue reading “Not too young, Never too old!”


As a kid we all are strong believers of fairy tales. A charming prince comes, rescues the damsel in distress and then they live happily ever after. We all are told these stories wherein predominantly the society decides that the role of a strong, independent character will be that of a boy and the roleContinue reading “Love “THYSELF””

Visible – Invisible Wounds

Why do we ask people to be strong in hard times?And what if there is no end to their agony? What if each day is more provocative than the day before? What if each hour enforces confrontation with even deadlier nightmares? Being strong for some time is the easiest. Being strong from time to timeContinue reading “Visible – Invisible Wounds”