Mortal her’s, immortal pain

Being strong is the most painful quality, and unfortunately she mastered the art.                Dreamer! That was she when young, with wild imagination, infectious enthusiasm, envious sexy. A divine soul that sprinkle kindness everywhere, an adventurer in her own way and zealous as crazy. An earth-born whose warmth for all was impartial.  SheContinue reading “Mortal her’s, immortal pain”

Roar Of Enlightenment!

For each passing misery had made her strong,Uncapped winner of circumstantial battles,The silence of easy would bore her now,Time heralded, the quest for calm would continue life long,She smiled and roared, bring it on! Happiness is the only fantasy which kept her awake,Or she was fast asleep under the skin of responsible kin,In her struggleContinue reading “Roar Of Enlightenment!”