Embrace the UNCERTAINTY!

What are we terribly scared of losing?

  • Comfort zone?
  • Society’s acceptance?
  • Relationships?

What are we desperately running after?

  • Illusion of perfection?
  • Success?
  • Happiness?

Each time life throws you in a deep sea of sorrows, dive in like a hawk, swim like a fish covering each lap of hurdle, heartbreak, disappointment, demotivation and betrayal with courage, self-assurance, dedication, hard-work and faith in God.

Yes, that phase in the past, be it personal or professional was beautiful, encouraging, soothing and fulfilling, it was full of applause, appreciation, aspirations and opportunities, you were surrounded by love, laughter, friends and celebrations and now it is all gone.

Indeed, when life knocks excruciating blows in your face it is only sane to duck until a storm passes and therefore you are allowed to scream, cry, isolate and mourn but temporarily. Do not mistake this momentary catastrophe as permanent blemish on your self-confidence.

Remember, you can only lose what you have. So technically breakup solely means that you are blessed with the gift of loving unconditionally and being loved truly. Correspondingly, failure only confirms that you are capable of thinking out of the box, taking risks, learning and executing your ideas. You already know the stairway to your final destination as just when you thought you had arrived, life happened and you were brought down to where you began from. So what? If you can do it once without any experience, imagine what you can build, create and achieve with your passion combined with expertise, research and insights gained in the process.

As a kid when you were learning how to ride a bicycle, you must have fallen a thousand times during practice. Did you quit? No, you wore your helmet, put on your knee and elbow pads as a safety measure and tried again the next day. It did not stop you from racing with your friends and performing weird stunts while cycling because by now you had figured out the dos and don’ts of each activity. Then why should rules be any different for your adult self?

You dreamt of something, worked hard for it, almost achieved it and then miserably failed at it. Pause for some time then start afresh, run again, fall a second time, get up again and walk and if need be crawl but do not stop. Do not carry the burden of society’s idea of success, your parent’s expectations and your friend’s validation. The only reality of you accepting yourself truly, honestly and completely will pave the new, stronger and efficient road to a successful and content life.

Acknowledge your strengths and accept your flaws. Embrace the change and move on!

Keep Hustling 🙂

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

11 thoughts on “Embrace the UNCERTAINTY!

  1. Thanks for sharing your encouragement. Everyone needs it from time to time especially in these COVID times. Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to getting better acquainted. 🙂

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  2. Thank you😊🙏 for Giving the Positive vibes and encouraging hope as well positivity in me😊 and also everyone out there in period of the halted normal life and to the people across the globe who are fighting coronavirus pandemic.
    Looking forward for more such positive and motivational reads from you.👌👍

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