Funny, isn’t it?

When we randomly meet someone, as part of social manners we greet each other and ask how are they doing? How is work? How is family? We ask about their accomplishments? About studies? Extra curriculars blah blah blah…
And if we are bored to death then we further drag the conversation through baseless compliments about looks, dress, smile, bag, watch, recently uploaded picture on social media…

We say and ask all of the above may be out of courtesy or because we are genuinely concerned and at times just for some gossip. Don’t you dare deny!!! We all love gossip.
But all this drastically changes once the person in question crosses flirty number THIRTY in terms of age of course.

Then the entire conversation revolves around just one thing.

  • Hi! Long time. How are you? Married or still single?
  • Hey nice DP. Where was this? By the way… when are you settling down?
  • Nice Party yaaa!!! Where is your date? No way, you don’t have one?
  • SUPP!!! what a pleasant surprise? We are meeting after 3 years. Are you seeing someone?
  • Aww you are so smart, good looking, successful, genuine. How can you still be single yaaa?
  • You did a commendable job at work this year. What are your future plans… marriage and all?
  • OMG you used to be so dope in college. How can you not be in a relationship?
  • Hey!!! Happy Birthday!!! Now you must settle down boss, your biological clock is ticking?

Hope you enjoyed a hearty laugh as you read the above questions which usually all the people of this age group face irrespective of their gender. It gets a little intolerable though. Since, human by nature is a social animal who is taught to be kind, interactive, cooperative; single adults just smile and let it all pass.

Irrespective of education, profession, age, religion, native land, we all are such imposters when it comes to points which I will be highlighting below. Majority of us may not accept it in public but we all are guilty of passing such unfitting comments within our close-knit friend circles.

  • He/she is not getting married because they cannot handle responsibility.
  • He/she is not getting married because they do not want to compromise.
  • He/she is not married yet. Must be a Gay/ Lesbian.
  • He/she is not getting married because he is impotent/ she cannot conceive.
  • He/ she has multiple sexual partners and that is why no one wants to marry him/her.
  • He/ she is so ugly with highly average income that they are not getting a match.
  • He/ she considers himself/ herself too successful and has an attitude problem.
  • He/ she looks so average but is damn choosy.
  • How can someone be single for so long? Don’t they have feelings or desires?
  • He/ she is not getting married at this age also. What is he/ she hiding from the world?
  • In order to get married he must leave his passion of being a chef, hairdresser, makeup artist, fashion designer, stylist, influencer because these professions are too feminine in nature.
  • She should not be so career oriented. As it is, she has to get married and be a homemaker one day.
  • A man must do overtime at work. A Bachelor is not responsible for household work and later it will be his wife’s responsibility.
  • Why should we promote a girl? She will get married and leave the job anyway. Work on her replacement already.

I am sure your smile must have disappeared by now and replaced with remorseful silence. Regretfully even I have passed such comments on others when I was immature. Simply because the elders in the family and the teachers in the school never discussed the significance of these topics.

So, what should we do about it now?

  • To begin with, can we stop speculating about anyone’s sexual life or sexual preferences. It’s really none of our business. Right?
  • Can we as individuals stop assuming 30something’s future plans, its impact and falsely dictating their career paths or influencing their life choices?
  • Some people just do not want to get married right now. Period. Why build a controversy around it?
  • Maybe some people are trying too hard to settle down but are not able to do so and by asking about it, you are hurting them.
  • May be some people identify with LBGTQ community but because of your reckless, inquisitive, inhuman behavior they are hesitant or rather scared to come out and embrace their reality publicly.

Here is a quick example to help us maybe remotely relate with these people’s anguish and hopefully develop some emotional intelligence.

Do you all remember the Super Mario video game? Mario and Luigi?
We all were obsessed with this game and knew all the secrets of all the levels thoroughly.
Now imagine you are playing the 1st level of Mario series and someone walks in and starts commenting on your game; that you how missed a hidden secret bonus area (Pillar entry) or misleads you to the wrong mushroom saying no one knows about it and that there is a magic mushroom here which will give you 1 up & fire flower simultaneously. You do not appreciate the intervention but just to get rid of that person do it anyway against your will and get killed.

Picturize the wave of emotions you would experience at this point. Anger, Betrayal, Irritation, Disgust, Helplessness, Sadness?
We ourselves cannot tolerate anyone’s interference even in a silly video game. But are always ready to give expert advice and live commentary on others’ lives or life choices.

Funny, isn’t it?

Why do we do this in the first place?

For mere confirmation of our superiority and to massage our egos because we are delusional enough to think that we are in a better space? If not this; then it’s even worse if some of us are doing this to compare our life choices with others only to later indulge in self-pity, jealousy and negativity.

Passing comments or giving unwanted advice especially to all the single adults is deeply engraved in all of us as a society. Can we not try and fill those cavities with empathy and minding our own business?
So next time we feel the urge to throw-up some untoward remarks or unwelcomed counselling on some single adult let’s remind ourselves about the Super Mario game and that snoopy friend.

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

46 thoughts on “Funny, isn’t it?

    1. Thank you! Trust me so many people across all age groups have discussed this with me… and it’s high time we as a society really do start minding our own business until of course someone legit need our help or guidance…😁


  1. Now that’s what I call not just a good read but a best read material!!! Amazing and mind blowing ideas ! Minding one’s own business is the best remedy.
    I wish world gets a better place for all the humans….an amicable place where everyone is treated and loved and respected equally!!
    Pointless gossips draws out the positive energy from a human being and drags him her onto a path of imbecility and negativity.
    We are all crafted equally by The almighty and it is unfair to treat someone badly and judge them according to the priorities in their lives.
    So yes, it is funny ….
    INTRUDERS….stop barging in !!
    Respect eachothers feelings and emotions…we are HUMANS NOT WOLVES!!
    Keep up the good work miss narrator!!! GBU😘

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    1. Wow!!! and that beautifully summarises the whole write up.
      Diiiiiiiii!!! Thank you for being my anchor. I love you! And it’s so cool that we as part of this generation not only represents these thoughts but practice it and now that we have little sweet heart ‘K’ will also instil it in future generation 🤗😘❤️


  2. Miss Narrator your observations & selection of subject/ topic are normal discussion at any family or friends gathering but very unique keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You bet! And it’s time we take charge by being the people that can make a difference and through our tiny efforts create a society which will uplift all irrespective of gender, religion, nationality… and of course will mind it’s own business 😆

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  3. Unfortunately, I don’t go to parties anymore and the only men who seem to flirt with me are some of my doctors. One of whom was serious but, I think those days are over. Dern. He’s a cutie and younger. I guess I should be happy with looking ten years younger than I am and acting twenty years younger. Lol.

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    1. Why not!!!
      You know the best part is there is no age limit for being crazy and by now we are matured enough to know our limits. So if you actually do go partying now you will genuinely enjoy the vibe, dance, most importantly food…and not just get sloshed and puke around.
      And dude love comes in all shapes, sizes, colour and age… I mean look at #priyanka #nick , #gorgecloony #amal etc…


      1. Ahhh!!! emerging is a mind block… embrace your true self, hop out of the bed and you are unstoppable honey…
        Sending positive vibes your way in hope that tomorrow you will legit do what you have been wanting to since last few days.

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      2. Thank you. I see emerging as growth, however. I’m not a turn the switch kind of girl. Once, I reach a certain point of growth, which is continuous, watch out. I will plow slow movers over. Lol.

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  4. Very insightful, if everyone would just “do” themselves and not worry about how someone “does” themselves the world would be a happier place. I have found that it actually is easier to be happy for others and their choices. Why do people have to put their social norms on others. I love meeting and talking with people who have chosen to live a different life than the one I have chosen. Think of what a dull and boring world this would be if we were all the same.

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    1. Big, Fat Thank you! This journey has just begun… as a hobby wherein I try to pen my understanding of life or certain common scenarios which everyone can relate with in small writeups.
      Your lovely comment has motivated and inspired me manifold to continue with this journey.


  5. Not entirely sure I share your perspective, but thank you for following my blog – which I gladly reciprocate. Meantime, I shall have to sort out something left to use as small talk at my next social crunching.

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    1. Thank you, Sir!!! for stopping by to read this write up. Isn’t that the best part of this platform? It brings people with diverse ideologies together to openly share their thought processes. Given a chance I would love to learn about your perspective. Best wishes!

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  6. Excellent blog! (Thank you for your follow.) To answer your question about why people do this in social settings has to do with the gradual easing of boundaries and decline of social grace. We are bombarded with articles, ads, commercials, reality programs, etc., that has made it acceptable to commit the “Oh no, he/she didn’t!” and create the space for others to emulate. There is also the phenomenon of late–collectivism. Through this Q&A upon meeting for the first time is used to determine the worth of another, both as a person and compatibility.

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  7. Kindness is always the best choice. Conversation involves listening to others, and taking in what they are saying with their words as well as what they aren’t saying. It’s tough, and we’ll make mistakes, but be ready to apologise when necessary, and drop discussion on any topic if it’s not something that is helpful or that we should be commenting on in the first place!

    Thank you for sharing this reminder showing respect and kindness to others. 🧡

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  8. I can imagine that ill judged remarks could be very hurtful and put unwanted pressure on people to conform. People not ready and confident enough to out themselves may hide their sexuality even more and miss chances at happiness. People with confidence problems may become even more insecure if they feel that not having a partner is a fault with themselves. Listening and offering encouragement at appropriate moments would be much better

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  9. I think people are curious and usually mean no harm by it. Or they are concerned that a single person might be lonely. It doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to do but it does explain it. I try to make a policy of never commenting about this kind of stuff but I did find myself wondering how someone I was dealing with didn’t have another half, mainly because they were a thoroughly decent person though. Made me think. Thanks for the heads up.


  10. Society is becoming more and more constrictive. And by going along with the impossible (or unreasonable) standards, we are just adding fuel to the fire. I try very hard not to judge people but instead practice compassion and empathy. I live and let live.


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