We humans tend to hold on to things let alone be feelings.

And this emotional frame of mind works as an anchor preventing our ships loaded with freedom, happiness, peace, growth and enlightenment from sailing in the ocean of possibilities.

The world is full of people who just do not value the goodness in others and ignore the love, care and respect showered on them by their well-wishers. We all at some point in life have come across these selfish breeds. They are commonly disguised as friends, siblings, life partners, relatives.

This selfish breed can be broadly divided into two types.

Type 1 – People who are very ignorant in life in general. They even lack differentiation between good and bad. These are the people who act as mediums to spread rumours about someone by the actual culprits. They are not ambitious and do not like to work hard for anything but they do get jealous if they see someone else achieving something that they have worked hard for. There honestly is very little scope to make them understand the consequences of their actions. They are highly immature.

Type 2 – People who are the masterminds. They know exactly what they want and how to get it. They do not have any understanding of empathy, compassion, or kindness at all. In the majority of the cases these people know that they are wrong. They also know that you are a good person and eventually will not go too far to revenge them. They know that you will not tell anyone about it, you will compromise and let them carry on with their life as normally as possible. No amount of love, faith and care, no amount of blood and tears you shed in pain, nothing and trust me nothing can make these cruel vultures sweat. They do it in complete consciousness. They derive pleasure by hurting others. For them it’s just a game in which they want to win at any cost. So, if you see, they will go all out to win your trust first, then they will show that they are your confidant and make you dependent on them. And later the first chance they get they will back stab you. And what hurts more than back-stabbing is the fact that they are not even guilty about it. In fact, they are continuing to enjoy life the same as before.

Neither of the two types of selfish breeds will change or understand. They will continue to do the same with others. And we can only feel sorry for them because once they are struck by the light of enlightenment only God knows how they will carry the burden of their bad deeds.

But this is not about them. It’s about us.

Each time we retrospect the whole episode we are even more certain that we did see a red flag in the beginning itself and over-looked it just because we were blinded by love and faith in them. Of course, we regret doing that to this date. But the question is WHAT NEXT?

We condition our emotional healing with the culprit’s acceptance of their crime. Oh wait! But we are good and forgiving people. So, to justify the above unrealistic scenario, we make equally unrealistic terms & conditions that we do not want them to accept their wrong doing publicly but if they just realize their mistake and say a heartfelt sorry to us, we will break-free from all the metal chains of self-pity, depression, anxiety, pain, acceptance, regret, and turn into an enthusiastic, full of life, optimist being overnight. Right?

If a sibling rivalry over property, friend turning enemy because of jealousy, partner cheating in a relationship is termed as fraud, betrayal, infidelity, then what we are thriving to determine our cure from is called as a brutal murder of our dignity and pride & honor of all the people who have contributed in our upbringing and self-growth.

Do we realize that it is like asking CORONA to cure CORONA?

The bigger question is what are we doing to mend ourselves?

In place of finding solace from the illusion of trying to make them realize their mistakes, we must stop guarding the broken connection. We must not scar the purity of our thoughts and delay the progress of our journey towards wisdom by halting at this temporary situation for too long.

We have the power to change the tide of our thoughts, influence our growth and seek happiness.
Make space for positivity. Release all the ifs, buts, whys, maybes and stop living in denial imagining the fake scenarios and clinging on to the false hope.
The key is to embrace the truth, soak in all the wisdom gained in the process, accept the change and release your soul from self-hate and self-doubt.

It will be an immense pleasure to learn about your valued viewpoint on this subject. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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